How to create a win/win pop up experience

We have all seen that amazing pop up that stays with you after it’s finished, whether it be food, retail or an activation. The thing that it all has in common is that it is there to create a unique feeling when you eat, buy or experience it. But not all pop-ups are created equal, this is especially true when you speak to the Marketing or Sales department. As you see each department is driven by different metrics

The marketing team is driven by CONTENT

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Planning a Pop-up store? Check out these tips and tricks

So you have finally decided to take the leap into physical retail. Congrats, you are about to embark on a stressful but most rewarding journey.
You have managed to come up with a great idea or product, found the right location and decided to roll the dice on your business.
Anyone that tells you it’s going to be easy probably hasn’t been through opening a physical store for a small business. (Try finishing a set up at 3 am at a shopping center with no lights at the site)
Not to scare you away from doing it as I mentioned before if done right, this can be a very rewarding journey and hopefully it will grow your business even further.

Below are some tips and tricks that will take some of the stress away.

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